Working under pressure is not a sustainable work style

Now Or Later Signpost Showing Delay Deadlines And UrgencyI have been thinking about deadlines lately. Being a virtual assistant for so long I was always driven by the deadlines of multiple clients. Sometimes Client A would have the same deadline as Client B and of course they had no idea that I was left in the middle trying to prioritize their work. Sometimes the ideas I needed to complete the work didn’t come right away and I would not work on either project until it was the last minute and then my mind would go into a mild panic mode, as of course, I couldn’t do both at once. I am going to share with you this little life hack I wish I had known earlier; schedule the task and when the time comes to work on it, sit down, pull out the material and work. Don’t wait for the inspiration first, show up on the job and the inspiration will follow!

Imagine if I knew this when I was in school! I truly believed all these years that I just needed the pressure of the hard stop deadline to find inspiration, when actually it was because I had no choice but to work NOW that the inspiration came. I have heard other people say, “I work best under pressure” and I thought that was just a personality trait. My mother does not have that personality trait and would try to explain to me that this practice was going to get me into trouble. Well, first of all if my mother said anything to me when I was younger it did not apply to me (I have since changed my position on that). Since her and I are so different, again I just chalked it up to, “Well, that’s how she operates, I’m different!”

EVERY TIME I had an extremely important project that I waited until the absolute last minute to complete something catastrophic would occur, keeping me from completing it. We don’t lose power very often here, sure, if there is a storm it could happen. I have lost power for absolutely no reason (that I could foresee) just so I lost internet access and couldn’t finish a research project. God has a pretty good sense of humor as do I, so he makes me laugh each time he sends a ridiculous situation my way to make his point, “If you just started this earlier, this minor catastrophe I created solely for you wouldn’t have been an issue, I may not have even had to create it!”

I recorded a periscope this morning about this topic, you can watch it here, the first few seconds are a bit comical…:

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