What I have accomplished via EFT sessions with Sophie

I have often struggled with feelings of self-loathing, insecurity and overall low self-esteem. These feelings do not come up constantly, only when something triggers them. For instance, I was going to have a booth at a large convention last year. Leading up to the conference I would be very excited some moments and then all of sudden I would feel hopeless, thinking things like, “What’s the use? Nobody knows who I am, and why would they even bother finding out?” I knew that these thoughts and emotions were coming from somewhere, but not exactly sure where and what to do to stop them. I knew they weren’t true, but they had the power to really undermine my efforts.

I contacted my friend, Sophie Weber, an EFT Practitioner whom I have known for many years. We did a very thorough session via Skype prior to the conference. I can’t say enough about how she was able to help me see the old stories I was telling myself and then help me to create new connections to my real life, my current life. I will be forever grateful, and that is why I am telling you about her. Please read below, some information she provided me:

Sadness, anger, fear, anxiety and guilt are the most common feelings that can be traced back as the origin of many difficulties including chronic pain, addiction, eating disorders, depression, cystitis and phobias. These feelings associated with unconscious beliefs can also be the barrier to your personal and/or professional achievements.

Thanks to the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), we work directly on these disturbing emotions by restoring the energy flow of the body, which allows you to regain emotional balance and ease some of the suffering in a natural way.

Soph Photo_VBBAFor more information, please contact:

Sophie Weber at sophfredw@gmail.com
Skype appointments possible in English, French and Spanish

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