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Make Room for the Things You Want in Your Life

GW-elsa-letitgoThis morning I got an email from a close friend and colleague about all the good things that have come into her life since she let go of some old things. She let go of years worth of old files from past clients that she kept in case they come back and want to resume where they left off. She got rid of 15 lbs of paper! Since she has done that she has signed on some awesome, new clients with more appointments in the works for other new business! I have seen this happen to me when I deleted phone numbers from my cell phone only to meet new people who were better aligned with where I’m going.

We are made up of energy and the things around us are made of energy. If we have too much negative energy floating around us, we have no room for the new positive energy to come in. So it is important to take an inventory of what we believe serves us and we choose to keep and what is just hanging around taking up space. This is an active process, not a passive one. That is why we will see results almost immediately after we do serious housecleaning, or at least find some things that were hidden.

The Lanyard Miracle

Giving things away to people who want or need things is also a way of receiving more of what you want. I was speaking at a conference recently and full disclosure; I am a conference fanatic. I LOVE conferences, everything about them and I think every business owner should attend at least one a year. With that said, I have a sparkly lanyard that I wear when I attend, speak or exhibit at a conference. People always remark on it and it helps me stand out and sometimes make new contacts. I also bought a 2nd one for a colleague who was attending a conference with me last year. She did not want it, so I held on to it and brought it with me to this conference as an alternate. During the course of the conference one of my new friends said she would like to get a lanyard like mine but wasn’t sure if she would go to enough conferences to make it worthwhile. I immediately made up my mind that I would give her my extra one on the last day. The last day came and we were all busy packing up extra things and doing stuff that you do when you are in the last day of a conference. I took my lanyard off at some point and put it down. When I realized that I had misplaced it I started looking everywhere. I told a few people to be on the lookout, etc. The reason I wanted it so badly was that it had my badge and ribbons on it and I keep them all in my office to remind me of all the times I put myself out there and met new people. It is motivating for me to look at them from time to time. I do the same with my road race numbers. I thought for one second, “Well, at least I have my alternate lanyard.” Just then my new friend walked by, I immediately pulled her aside and handed her the lanyard and explained that I hoped she would attend more conferences to help her meet new people. She thanked me and I felt good that I had followed through on my plan. I turned around and there on the table next to me was my lanyard and badge! I will always remember this moment as proof that when we give we receive in return.

Do you have a similar story or anything to add to my advice? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!