If you think you are right, maybe you are

GW-DalaiLama-purposeI attended a really great workshop recently that helped me to hone my values, purpose, mission and goals a bit more. I don’t feel that these things are a “set it and forget it” type of activity. Just like the airplane that must constantly be reassessing its direction to get from point A to point B, we must also see if we are heading in the direction we want. So many things happen to us each day, we learn new things, we acquire new insights from people we meet and we gain new perspectives from the world around us. So of course its necessary to reassess our direction. What would be the sense of even trying to learn new things if we didn’t want to apply them?

Back to the workshop, I shared my purpose with the group and the facilitator. If you don’t know anything about me let me share this, it can be a bit difficult for me to speak up in a group and become instantly vulnerable. One more thing about me, I am a high C on the DISC Assessment which means I have to be pretty sure of my answer before I send it out there, unlike some other people who can share unfinished thoughts with the world and ask for feedback. One more background note, this is a business goal setting workshop. So the purpose should be aimed at my business.

My purpose was this:

To help women entrepreneurs achieve their dreams while providing a fantastic childhood for my two sons.

He liked the first part, but suggested that maybe the second half was just my job as a parent. I thought this was funny, because he also said, our purpose should be what gets us up in the morning, and something we would defend at all costs.

I politely took his advice, but deep down I was not done with this line of thinking. I know that one of the major reasons I started my own business, which let me tell you isn’t the easiest path, was so I could be here for my children when they needed me, but also when they don’t think they do. I always make my choices based on what is best for my family, not always what will make me the most money. My business has had to live with my family commitments, my family has not had to put up with my business needs.

I was glad that the facilitator challenged me, because it made me commit even further to this value and reassess if I was truly walking the talk. I was proud to say that yes, I am. I have volunteered for every in school event that has come up. My kids know that I think school is important and I am a part of if whenever I can be. I have not sent my kids to school sick so that I could work, and I completely sympathize with the parents who have to do this. Am I the perfect parent? NO WAY!! But I am happy with the parent I am and that I continue to become.

So back to the workshop, in the eyes of men (the facilitator was a man and there were many more men in the group) being a good parent is just part of their job. For a women, that may be a HUGE part of why they do what they do. So, I have not changed my purpose, I feel it is right. Anyone else care to challenge me?

2 thoughts on “If you think you are right, maybe you are

  1. Hi Christine, I do not care to challenge you I care to applaud you. You are taking an empowering stand and honoring yourself! Standing in what you know to be true for and you bet it’s so true for other women as well. Because of this, you’ll hold the space for them to be able to stand in their power as well.

    –Kim Ravida

    1. Thank you for your encouragement, Kim. It was actually helpful to read this post again and remember some of the moments I’ve faced this year. Some challenges, but some really nice accomplishments also.

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