Did you take the hard road or the easy road?

I just got off the phone with one of my Business BFFs. She is the one who invited me into her circle of Business BFFs to begin with and since then I have created my own circle of business owners that I go to for strength and guidance. She and I have had some similar experiences in our younger years and have come here to a common ground of working with women in heart centered vocations. I was getting the easy road or the hard roadready for bed and started thinking about our conversation and my mind started wandering back to some decisions I made as a young woman, recently home from my Army training and working in the real world. I had decided that having a job in a union was better than going to college, so I quit school. I all of a sudden had this urge to confront my younger self and tell her what a stupid and selfish move that was. I was convinced that she had taken the easy road and that I had to pay for that decision for the rest of my professional life.

Then I stopped, I saw the young woman for who she was… She thought she was making the right decision, based on what she had been raised to believe. She wasn’t a bad person. She just didn’t have any real goals or direction. She was like a leaf in the wind, landing wherever the wind blew her.

I believe we all have a personal journey to get where we are meant to be. Mine took me in a very round about way, meeting all kinds of people that I needed to meet. I experienced things that I had to experience to be of service now. It was this journey that helped me learn to see the good in almost everyone. This is a skill that is so valuable to me now as a coach. I can see the good in the young woman driving a forklift instead of studying computer science. I will thank her tonight when I meditate, she chose the hard road that has led to my beautiful life.

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