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Finding Your Why

finding your why mark twainOkay it is December 1st and we have 31 days until January 1st. So I decided to get all you last minute goal setters ready for the new year. I believe it is not too late to set some fabulous goals and start 2015 off with a bang!

Over the course of this month I will be posting everyday. Some posts will be inspirational, some will be resources to help you in setting your goals and some will be stories or advice from people who know about goal setting and achieving.

Today I want to talk about YOUR WHY. This is a tricky one. When most people think of setting their goals they overlook this one valuable requirement. Your goal has to fit into your life’s purpose, or chances are it won’t happen.

Important things to note when looking for your why…

  1. Your Why is not the same as your what. Your what may be losing 25 pounds. Your why goes deeper. I want to lose 25 pounds because I haven’t worn skinny jeans since I had my children. I would feel great about myself if I could do that.
  2. Your Why is not always politically correct. Don’t feel bad if your why is not “to contribute to world peace”. Your why is personal and it may include other people. It may not.
  3. What do you Desire? Desire gets a bad wrap in our society. People sometimes swap the word desire with sex. You may desire sex, that’s not a bad thing, but desire is more. Desire is what makes life worth living. Without desire you probably wouldn’t even bother going to work in the morning. What do you desire? That is going to get your closer to your why.

I hope this is helpful. Please take a few minutes right now to write down YOUR WHY and YOUR DESIRES. You will be glad you did.

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What do you do when you reach a goal?

IMG_0346I learned an important lesson this week so I thought I would share it. I have a few goals in different areas of my life. One goal I had for last month was to “run” my 1st 5k. I trained for it quite aggressively and was able to run between 10-11 minutes a mile by race day. I set a goal of running the race in 32 minutes. I was thrilled when I came in at 30:11, blowing away my goal! That was Saturday. Today is Friday and I haven’t worked out once this week. I actually ate more than I usually do and I have been feeling pretty down. It hasn’t helped that it has rained all week.

It occurred to me today that my downfall was that I didn’t have another goal ready to go once I completed the race. I think I am also feeling a bit of “goal hangover” if there is such a thing. My mind is telling me that I should just enjoy that I reached my goal. There is some truth to that, but I don’t believe that going backwards will help me in the long run.

So, I have signed up for another 5k and have set a higher goal! As I get closer to race day, I will be careful to have another goal ready to go!