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Want to be Rock Star Level Successful?

rockstarchristineI recently spent a lot of time asking the question, what makes rock stars more successful than other people? From all the research I conducted I boiled it down to some basics, they usually have a God-given talent and they spend all their free time honing their craft. I would go even further and say that they also have tons of passion and an unwavering desire to be discovered. When I look at the average person I notice that most of them lack passion, desire and focus but all of them have God-given talent.

The problem then lies, in my opinion, with not being able to identify their unique talent. Usually this is because they feel that the things that come naturally to them aren’t so special. Maybe nobody told them they had a special skill. It could also be that they couldn’t find a way to make money with that particular talent fast enough. So instead they went to college to learn something that would pay the bills. How many times have we heard the stories of parents telling their children that they should give up on their dreams lest they become “starving artists”?

I do believe that we are always exactly where we are supposed to be at any given time. I wanted to be a rock star but what I lacked was talent. It was not my lot in life to sing or even play an instrument as I tried several and never found practice to be fun or enjoyable. My parents laughed at us and my mother ultimately told me to take typing so I would always have something to fall back on.

It may have taken several years in many different jobs and industries to figure out what my natural talents are, but luckily I was able to see a common thread. I now ask my clients to look back at their different jobs and see if they can see a pattern. Is there something that they were always asked to do because they were so naturally good at it? Do people come to them with questions about a certain thing over and over again? What were some of the things that they would stay up late into the night doing just because it was rewarding to them? Usually answering these questions will unlock their true passions and God-given talents. This is where they should be putting their energy.

I will guarantee that anyone who first finds what it is that they were meant to do, then spends every chance they get honing their skills around that one thing will be super successful. Because when you are working on something that you truly love and you throw yourself into it completely you will be discovered!

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Working under pressure is not a sustainable work style

Now Or Later Signpost Showing Delay Deadlines And UrgencyI have been thinking about deadlines lately. Being a virtual assistant for so long I was always driven by the deadlines of multiple clients. Sometimes Client A would have the same deadline as Client B and of course they had no idea that I was left in the middle trying to prioritize their work. Sometimes the ideas I needed to complete the work didn’t come right away and I would not work on either project until it was the last minute and then my mind would go into a mild panic mode, as of course, I couldn’t do both at once. I am going to share with you this little life hack I wish I had known earlier; schedule the task and when the time comes to work on it, sit down, pull out the material and work. Don’t wait for the inspiration first, show up on the job and the inspiration will follow!

Imagine if I knew this when I was in school! I truly believed all these years that I just needed the pressure of the hard stop deadline to find inspiration, when actually it was because I had no choice but to work NOW that the inspiration came. I have heard other people say, “I work best under pressure” and I thought that was just a personality trait. My mother does not have that personality trait and would try to explain to me that this practice was going to get me into trouble. Well, first of all if my mother said anything to me when I was younger it did not apply to me (I have since changed my position on that). Since her and I are so different, again I just chalked it up to, “Well, that’s how she operates, I’m different!”

EVERY TIME I had an extremely important project that I waited until the absolute last minute to complete something catastrophic would occur, keeping me from completing it. We don’t lose power very often here, sure, if there is a storm it could happen. I have lost power for absolutely no reason (that I could foresee) just so I lost internet access and couldn’t finish a research project. God has a pretty good sense of humor as do I, so he makes me laugh each time he sends a ridiculous situation my way to make his point, “If you just started this earlier, this minor catastrophe I created solely for you wouldn’t have been an issue, I may not have even had to create it!”

I recorded a periscope this morning about this topic, you can watch it here, the first few seconds are a bit comical…:

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To Certify or Not to Certify – How to Decide if You “Need” Another Training Course

Making a decision to get another certificationThanks to the internet we now have the ability to access thousands of online training programs, videos and tutorials on just about any skill you want to learn. This can be a bit of a double edged sword for some. Yes, now we can all be quasi-experts in everything from quantum physics to psychiatry, but where do we draw the line? I am someone who has spent my entire life learning everything I can about whatever it is that I am doing. Like learning as much as I could about Multiple Sclerosis when I worked for a biotech company as an administrative assistant to learning every new social media platform and software product that has come out since I started my first virtual assistant company. Of course now as a business coach I am finishing up my certification and learning as much as I possibly can about helping people create and achieve goals. But there comes a time when you have to decide when you have enough training to go out and get clients.

This is where coaching changed the whole game for me.

Have you ever met someone who is extremely bright, well educated and well informed but can’t seem to ever get ahead? This may be a friend, colleague, family member or even yourself. Truth be told, this was me a few years ago. I had tons of knowledge, my finger on the pulse of technology and a I knew more than I needed to know about marketing and social media. I still was only making barely enough to get by. I then discovered the missing piece; I needed accountability, support and help sorting through all the great ideas in my head. My coach worked with me to see that it wasn’t knowledge or skills I was lacking, it was something different. I first needed to recognize my unique strengths and my past successes to see that I was capable of accomplishing what I was setting out to do. Then together we broke up my big ideas into small action steps that I could actually complete without feeling overwhelmed. This was an ongoing process because there were many days that I would slip back into my old thinking and want to give up on myself. Sometimes I wouldn’t want to call my coach because I was feeling like a failure, but it never failed, I would get off the phone feeling like I could conquer the world again.

So how about you?

Is it more classes and telesummits and tutorials and videos that you need or is it someone to help you see what is really holding you back? Again, I will say that I value education and believe that being certified in your area of expertise is valuable. My point is, please don’t let your lack of certification stop you from recognizing your personal and professional value. Taking very intentional action towards a clear goal is the key to business success.

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The Secret Recipe for Major Change

A friend of mine recently asked me what my secret recipe was for making all the positive changes I have made in my life over the past few years. I gave it some thought and this is what I said, “I don’t have the secret recipe for everyone, but I had to stop playing playing the old tapes in my head that weren’t moving me in the direction I wanted to go. I started writing my goals down and looking at them every morning. I surround myself with only positive people who truly want to see me succeed. That means letting go of the people who brought me down or kept telling me things that weren’t in line with my new life. It’s not easy, very few people bother to work hard enough to make big changes. You can do it, but constant vigilance is key. Align yourself with other people looking to change. Read 10 pages of a self help book everyday!!”

secret recipePoint #1 – Stop playing the old tapes – Most of the time we don’t even realize that what we tell ourselves is not true anymore. Here is a funny example; when I was very young my mother told me I had a round-shaped face. Since she went to hairdresser school she was qualified to make that assessment, I believed. She instructed me to wear my hair only certain ways and to wear only a few kinds of sunglass/eyeglass styles. I did this until I was 46. Recently I visited my hair salon and wanted a new look. I told Maria, my friend and stylist, that I wanted a new style but knew I was limited due to my round face. She looked at me with surprise and said, “You have an oval face and can wear any hairstyle you want.” This change in beliefs opened a whole new world for me. What do you believe that is just not true and more importantly, how is it holding you back? Do you believe that you aren’t good at math or not business savvy enough to get a loan? I once thought that I wasn’t self disciplined enough to work from home, and maybe at one point I wasn’t. But I know now that I am! Working with a coach took me leaps and bounds forward in this direction. I didn’t even know half of the stories I was telling myself weren’t true until she challenged me to look at them differently. I will be forever grateful!

Point #2 – Write down your goals and review them every morning – I say this so often I feel like a broken record. Once you put your goals on paper they become real. The reason you review them every morning is so that you can make your decisions based on how close they will bring you to your goals. For instance, after reading my goals I then go and put together my daily to do list. Because I have just read my goals, I can decide which tasks to make sure I get done to help me succeed. This gives priority to important tasks instead of just urgent tasks. Urgent tasks pop up and pretend they are important (sometimes they are, you need to decide this). They say things like, sign up for that free webinar because the deadline is today. But when you look at your goals you may decide that that webinar is not going to get you where you are trying to go.

Point #3 – Surround yourself with only positive and like-minded people – This one is hard and sometimes can take a lot of soul searching. Sometimes it is easy, because once you start changing you grow away from the people who are not. For instance, if you stop drinking the people you hung out with at the bar aren’t going to go looking for you. There are lots of ways to accomplish this, you can fill your time with people that are doing the things you want to do. If you have decided to become more active you can start looking for groups of people who get together to exercise or explore the outdoors. Maybe you want to be more spiritual, you may find people who get together to discuss topics of interest to you. Once you start to fill your time with people and experiences that are more in line with your new lifestyle, you will find that you have less time for the people who drain you. There are people in our lives that we choose not to leave behind, perhaps you have family members who don’t support your changes. Of course you aren’t going to stop spending time with them, but you can protect your new life by not sharing everything with them. I have people in my life that will never understand how I think, I just don’t try to make them understand anymore and we are all happy.

Point #4 – Read 10 pages of a good book everyday – If you have read the Slight Edge by Jeff Olson you will understand this. If you have not read the Slight Edge start there!

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Did you take the hard road or the easy road?

I just got off the phone with one of my Business BFFs. She is the one who invited me into her circle of Business BFFs to begin with and since then I have created my own circle of business owners that I go to for strength and guidance. She and I have had some similar experiences in our younger years and have come here to a common ground of working with women in heart centered vocations. I was getting the easy road or the hard roadready for bed and started thinking about our conversation and my mind started wandering back to some decisions I made as a young woman, recently home from my Army training and working in the real world. I had decided that having a job in a union was better than going to college, so I quit school. I all of a sudden had this urge to confront my younger self and tell her what a stupid and selfish move that was. I was convinced that she had taken the easy road and that I had to pay for that decision for the rest of my professional life.

Then I stopped, I saw the young woman for who she was… She thought she was making the right decision, based on what she had been raised to believe. She wasn’t a bad person. She just didn’t have any real goals or direction. She was like a leaf in the wind, landing wherever the wind blew her.

I believe we all have a personal journey to get where we are meant to be. Mine took me in a very round about way, meeting all kinds of people that I needed to meet. I experienced things that I had to experience to be of service now. It was this journey that helped me learn to see the good in almost everyone. This is a skill that is so valuable to me now as a coach. I can see the good in the young woman driving a forklift instead of studying computer science. I will thank her tonight when I meditate, she chose the hard road that has led to my beautiful life.

If you think you are right, maybe you are

GW-DalaiLama-purposeI attended a really great workshop recently that helped me to hone my values, purpose, mission and goals a bit more. I don’t feel that these things are a “set it and forget it” type of activity. Just like the airplane that must constantly be reassessing its direction to get from point A to point B, we must also see if we are heading in the direction we want. So many things happen to us each day, we learn new things, we acquire new insights from people we meet and we gain new perspectives from the world around us. So of course its necessary to reassess our direction. What would be the sense of even trying to learn new things if we didn’t want to apply them?

Back to the workshop, I shared my purpose with the group and the facilitator. If you don’t know anything about me let me share this, it can be a bit difficult for me to speak up in a group and become instantly vulnerable. One more thing about me, I am a high C on the DISC Assessment which means I have to be pretty sure of my answer before I send it out there, unlike some other people who can share unfinished thoughts with the world and ask for feedback. One more background note, this is a business goal setting workshop. So the purpose should be aimed at my business.

My purpose was this:

To help women entrepreneurs achieve their dreams while providing a fantastic childhood for my two sons.

He liked the first part, but suggested that maybe the second half was just my job as a parent. I thought this was funny, because he also said, our purpose should be what gets us up in the morning, and something we would defend at all costs.

I politely took his advice, but deep down I was not done with this line of thinking. I know that one of the major reasons I started my own business, which let me tell you isn’t the easiest path, was so I could be here for my children when they needed me, but also when they don’t think they do. I always make my choices based on what is best for my family, not always what will make me the most money. My business has had to live with my family commitments, my family has not had to put up with my business needs.

I was glad that the facilitator challenged me, because it made me commit even further to this value and reassess if I was truly walking the talk. I was proud to say that yes, I am. I have volunteered for every in school event that has come up. My kids know that I think school is important and I am a part of if whenever I can be. I have not sent my kids to school sick so that I could work, and I completely sympathize with the parents who have to do this. Am I the perfect parent? NO WAY!! But I am happy with the parent I am and that I continue to become.

So back to the workshop, in the eyes of men (the facilitator was a man and there were many more men in the group) being a good parent is just part of their job. For a women, that may be a HUGE part of why they do what they do. So, I have not changed my purpose, I feel it is right. Anyone else care to challenge me?

The Top 3%

I had an epiphany this morning. On the back of my business cards I have a message printed that reads “97% of American’s don’t write out their goals… Join the 3% of people who are achieving GREATNESS!” and I include 3 lines for people to write out their goals. Well, yesterday I attended the MA Conference For Women like I do every year.

2014-12-04 08.34.39-2This year I had a booth and it was not in the best place, it was very hidden, but I was a late entry and I accepted that. I was positioned at one of the two entrances of the grand ballroom where breakfast and lunch was served and the keynote speakers presented. Seemed like a great location at first… but I noticed as the sessions let out that no one was interested in the booth right outside the door, they were checking their phones for any missed messages or chatting with their colleagues about the speakers. As they all rushed off to the next session I watched them. 10,000 women from all walks of life. Each with their own priorities, missions and life styles. The majority of them had jobs, many with the huge companies that support the conference through sponsorships. The security of having a job with a large company was enough for most of them. For some it was not, many I talked with felt there was something else for them but they couldn’t put a finger on it.

This morning I was planning my day, something Brian Tracy said I should have done last night, but better late than never. I looked at the list of my fellow exhibitors. There were probably 400 or so, I would say less than half were solopreneurs like myself. There were about 100 speakers.

I went into my kitchen and noticed my 1st grader had left his homework on the table. The homework that was due today and that he had worked hard to complete. I didn’t have a second thought, I put on my coat and drove to the school to drop it off. One of the reasons I wanted to start my own business was for this reason, to put my kids first.

While I was in my car on the way back from school, I started thinking about the 300 women out of 10,000 who were in action yesterday, really putting themselves out there. I was one of them. I was one of the 3%. See what setting goals can do?

Personal Goal Setting

I believe that setting goals in your personal life is super important. How we do in our business or career life has everything to do with how successful we feel as people. Remember, you are not defined by “what you do”. What you do is just part of who you are.

A great way to start out on this adventure is to write your personal mission statement. What are your values? For example are you committed to family first, career advancement, health and well being, to be kind, or generous? The list of possibilities is huge, but pick 3 top ones. From you values create a one sentence statement about how you want to live your life or what you would like to be your legacy after you are gone. An example may be, “I will live my life in such a way that my family knows I cherish them, my friends know I appreciate them and the business world looks to me as a mentor.”

Now, from you personal mission statement you can begin to set goals to help you achieve that aim. Make sure they are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound (SMART).

Talk to you tomorrow!

The Importance of Clarity

GW-tracy-targetI love listening to anything Brian Tracy has to say. It is hard to believe that this super, successful man came from very humble beginnings and was actually a high school drop out. By being extremely curious about what makes some people successful and some failures he found the answers. One of the answers he found was goal setting. Mr. Tracy teaches that not only must your goals be laid out in such a way that they are crystal clear, but that your thinking must be clear of negative emotions that may hamper your progress.

I recently read this example in Success Magazine that suggests we have a lot of control over our emotions. Two people in two separate cars are sitting in traffic. One person is steaming mad and can think about nothing other than how late he is. The other person decides to take this extra time to listen to audio books, since there is nothing he can do about it. You can see from this example that when we take a deep breath and remove negative emotions from the picture we can achieve so much more. Guy number one probably just increased his chances for a heart attack and guy number two may have had an aha moment that changed his future!

Our amazing subconscious mind has the power to help us reach our goals very efficiently, almost without us even knowing it. That same subconscious mind can also keep us stuck. Our subconscious believes everything we tell it. If you continuously say, “I cannot afford it” then guess what, you can’t afford it. Mr. Tracy says that wealthy people dwell on financial freedom while poor people think only of what they don’t or can’t have. We attract what we think about. By thinking positive thoughts we are going to get positive results.

I will probably refer to Brian Tracy again during this series, I admire his simple, no nonsense approach to being successful.