Christine BearseIt wasn’t too long ago that I felt completely lost. I was hopeless and was failing in every area of my life, child-rearing, house management, money making and my own health. I was still carrying “baby weight” and my youngest was almost 5. I really believe that I was starting to feel the effects of muscle atrophy from working at my desk all day and not spending any time exercising. I was ALWAYS stressed out and as a result eating everything in the house when no one was looking. I owned my own small business and was not making any more money than when I started, I never even dared to take a real look at my profits and losses, I was scared. My children, who I thought were my number one priority, resented my computer and my youngest was always unhappy. I was so overwhelmed with no clear boundaries between work and personal life that I rushed around all the time and in turn was always yelling at my kids to hurry up. My relationship with my husband was not really a relationship at all and we were both merely going through the motions of day to day life together with little to no communication.

I knew I needed help.

I asked my higher power for help and very shortly after I met the woman who was to be my coach. During that 1st year of pretty intense coaching A LOT of shifts took place. We worked on shifting my energy from victim mode to higher modes of energy in any given situation. I couldn’t believe that I was actually seeing myself as a victim, it was so hidden, my coach could see it. We worked on my self confidence, it was so low it is hard to believe I was able to run a business and a family as well as I did. I worked hard to cover up how I really felt about myself, it didn’t really show at first glance. People who knew me well couldn’t understand why I didn’t believe in myself and my abilities. I was inconsistent in every area of my life. I had even convinced myself that it was a condition, you can find an excuse for anything on the internet.

I am not going to say that everything was easily fixed in that year and now I am perfect.

But I am so unbelievably happy now!

Christine Bearse and FamilyI worked so hard to make changes in my life. Let’s face it, enlisting the help of a coach is an investment. I was certainly going to make sure I was making every session count. I lost the weight I wanted to lose and gained so much energy in it’s place, not to mention satisfaction in a job well done. I learned to face my issues with money and change the way I felt about it. I was finally able to see the capable person that I am and step into the role of CEO of my company. I learned how to ask for help with my “unhappy” son, then take the simple advice I was given and follow through. I stop now work when my children get home from school and dedicate quality time to them each day. I have relearned how to speak with my husband instead of feeling like I have to defend myself (which was a direct result of my low self-esteem). As a family, we still rush around a lot but I guess that’s what happens in a busy family.

So why work with me?

I have been told I have a gift for identifying the natural gifts and talents of others through careful listening and intuition. Sometimes when people are in the middle of life it is difficult to see this for themselves. In every job I have held, I instantly gravitated towards training and mentoring and have many memorable success stories under my belt. I love to help people feel good about themselves and I believe there is good in most everyone. I also know that all successful people are just as ordinary as you and me, they just possess more self confidence and know how to set and work towards goals.

Self confidence and goal setting are the keys to unlocking the door to WILD SUCCESS!

My approach is to help my clients see their gifts and love themselves first, set goals and then create a plan to work towards them. Sound easy? It is simple but not always easy to do when you are in the middle of real life. I am a no excuses type of coach, I do not coddle my clients, I gently keep them moving forward at their own pace with a sense of urgency. Life is short, don’t you want to reach your full potential now so you can enjoy it longer?

Check my schedule for an available time slot and let’s have a chat about your current situation and how you would rather feel.

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