The Importance of Clarity

GW-tracy-targetI love listening to anything Brian Tracy has to say. It is hard to believe that this super, successful man came from very humble beginnings and was actually a high school drop out. By being extremely curious about what makes some people successful and some failures he found the answers. One of the answers he found was goal setting. Mr. Tracy teaches that not only must your goals be laid out in such a way that they are crystal clear, but that your thinking must be clear of negative emotions that may hamper your progress.

I recently read this example in Success Magazine that suggests we have a lot of control over our emotions. Two people in two separate cars are sitting in traffic. One person is steaming mad and can think about nothing other than how late he is. The other person decides to take this extra time to listen to audio books, since there is nothing he can do about it. You can see from this example that when we take a deep breath and remove negative emotions from the picture we can achieve so much more. Guy number one probably just increased his chances for a heart attack and guy number two may have had an aha moment that changed his future!

Our amazing subconscious mind has the power to help us reach our goals very efficiently, almost without us even knowing it. That same subconscious mind can also keep us stuck. Our subconscious believes everything we tell it. If you continuously say, “I cannot afford it” then guess what, you can’t afford it. Mr. Tracy says that wealthy people dwell on financial freedom while poor people think only of what they don’t or can’t have. We attract what we think about. By thinking positive thoughts we are going to get positive results.

I will probably refer to Brian Tracy again during this series, I admire his simple, no nonsense approach to being successful.

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